University of Wisconsin–Madison

Admission and Fees

Applicants should understand that this is an intensive language immersion program, covering a year’s worth of course material in 8 weeks. Much of your “free time” will be spent studying. There are required activities most days in the afternoons, evenings, and on weekends. In order to maintain a language immersion environment, students eat all meals together and live in the same residence hall. It is important that you make an honest evaluation of your ability to handle the unique stresses of this intensive immersion experience before attending. Each year there are a small number of students who are unprepared for the relative lack of freedom in their daily routine, the close proximity to the same group of people, or the requirement that they not communicate in English, and it causes them a great deal of frustration and stress.

If you have questions about any aspects of the program, please review the APTLII policies, check out our FAQ, or contact the APTLII Coordinator.

Overview of Fees

The total charges for APTLII 2018 will include tuition, housing, and meals as described below. This also includes the mandatory student activity fee which provides access to the gyms and city bus system. Textbook costs vary by class and are not included in that amount. International students will likely have additional SEVIS fees and mandatory health insurance requirements that are set by the University.


Tuition for summer 2018 will be $5,000. After you have been admitted to APTLII and register for summer classes at UW-Madison, you will receive an electronic tuition bill from the Bursar’s Office. Payment must be made directly to the Bursar, via check or electronic bank transfer (the Bursar does not accept credit cards). Please pay attention to the tuition payment deadline listed on your email bill – there is a $100 fee for late tuition payments. APTLII is not part of the CIC Traveling Scholars program.

Room & Board

The room & board fee for summer 2018 will be $2,500 for a double occupancy room. After you have been admitted to the program, within 3 weeks you must make a non-refundable $250 deposit towards the room & board fee to hold your spot. The remainder of the room & board fee will be due in June. Payments can be made via credit card on our website, or by mailing a check to APTLII. A limited number of single rooms are usually available upon request, for an additional fee ($500 for 2018).


Tuition refund policies are set by the University.

Room & board refund policies are set by the Division of University Housing. These fees will not be refunded after the start of the summer program unless the student has proof of extreme extenuating circumstances.

Financial Aid

APTLII does not offer financial aid directly. APTLII students may be eligible to apply for FLAS fellowships for summer language study, see for details and contact the Coordinator of the specific Area Studies Center that offers your language. Note that many centers require a specific regional focus. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships at their home institution, or inquire about applying their financial aid package toward summer language studies.

ROTC students (from UW-Madison or other campuses nationwide) are eligible to apply for Project GO funding to study either Arabic or Turkish at APTLII. For fellowship details and application instructions contact Project GO at UW-Madison directly.

Admission Process

  • Admission
    1. Fill out the online application, including personal statement.
    2. Send copies of all transcripts to APTLII. Scanned or unofficial copies by email are accepted.
    3. Arrange for 2 referees (including one language instructor) to send letters of recommendation directly to APTLII.
    4. Pay the application fee (waived through 2017, $25 beginning February 14).
    5. (Optional) Apply for financial aid and scholarships/fellowships at your home institution for use at APTLII.
    6. Within 3 weeks of receiving your admission letter, make a non-refundable $250 room & board deposit to APTLII confirming that you will attend.
  • Enrollment
    1. Apply to become a UW-Madison student by completing the Special Student web application for the Summer 2018 term. Select Nondegree/Special as your reason for applying and UNPS as your “Applying as” option, listing our summer program for your academic plans. When you are admitted and receive your UW-Madison Student ID number, forward it to the APTLII office for authorization to enroll in summer classes. (If you are a current UW-Madison student send your ID number to the APTLII office and skip the next step.)
    2. Using your student ID number, activate your NetID and password. This will give you access to the University’s online systems for enrollment, tuition & financial account, email, etc. Your UW-Madison email address is the official means of communication for University business – make sure you check it regularly or forward to another address.
    3. Follow the instructions you receive from APTLII to enroll in your language class online at MyUW.Verify your enrollment by viewing your class schedule. Enroll before arriving in Madison to make sure you avoid the late enrollment fee.
  • Payments
    1. After you have enrolled for classes, the Bursar’s Office will send you an email about your electronic tuition bill for $5,000. Your student financial account, along with payment instructions, can be accessed through MyUW in the Student Center. Pay attention to the tuition deadline to avoide a $100 late fee. If someone will be sponsoring you to attend APTLII (i.e., an external fellowship), contact us as soon as possible for information on setting up a third-party payment.
    2. Separately, pay the remainder of your room & board fee via credit card on the APTLII website, or pay by check at the APTLII office.